Allison’s Inner Circle

I see you, Friend! 

I know you do your best to ROCK your life on every level.  But, can I ask you a few questions – woman to woman?

  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and drained?
  • Do you feel like you never have enough time, money, energy, or patience?
  • Do you frequently find yourself stuck in a negative mindset, filled with self doubt?
  • Are you constantly settling in your work and your relationships?




Hey! I’m Allison Millet 🙂 I’m a Healthy Lifestyle Cheerleader! I have spent the last 20+ years supporting women through fitness coaching, helping them find practical ways to be healthier and stronger. My biggest passion is inspiring others to think differently and to create greatness in all areas of their lives. When I’m not working with my awesome fitness friends, I am typically at home with my husband and two boys who keep me cooking in the kitchen and wrestling in the living room floor!

If I’m being honest, motherhood has drastically changed me. Those early years, oh my! Baby and toddler-hood aren’t for the faint of heart! Throw in a special needs diagnosis and things get really interesting! Funny how I thought those early years would be all cozy and magical! What a wake up call!

With my boys now 12 and 16, I can honestly say there are so many happy, fun moments EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

But, this did not happen by itself.  After having Owen, it took me implementing tools to build a new post-motherhood life that is happy and as balanced as motherhood can be. That’s not to say there aren’t poopy days…. I mean, it is still motherhood. If you feel stuck in a life you feel you have no control over. Stuck in a life you’re not passionate about. Stuck in a life where you put everything on hold to support others. Stuck in a life that feels mediocre at best. Stuck in a life where you feel like you are failing daily…I can help! I am here to help you increase purpose and decrease chaos. I am here to say you can be unstuck!

I am here to say ENOUGH.
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The Inner Circle is a community of like-minded motivated ladies looking to improve:

  • Your mindset and self talk
  • Your self confidence
  • Your spiritual relationship with God
  • Your sense of self and identity
  • Your relationships with friends, family, spouse, co-workers, etc.
  • Your professional game

  • Your budget and money mindset
  • How you treat your body
  • How you navigate self doubt
  • How you face your fears
  • How you overcome self limiting beliefs
  • How you do self care


A live video check in with Allison each Sunday evening where we carve out time just for us to set our intentions for the week to turn down overwhelm. This time will include a devotion time to encourage and light you up.

At the start of each month, Allison will share a one week dinner plan to use all month long (it can be that simple!!) to get your family together for a healthy meal around the table.

Counselors, financial advisors, therapists, motivational speakers….the list goes on and on! Allison will bring in special guests to inspire, motivate and educate to give you the extra push you need to live your best life!

Simple, tactical, practical challenges with strategies to add more intention and purpose to your daily life, in all areas!

We’ll meet up here for community, connection and content. Staying connected is vital for success and community is one of the things Allison is most passionate about!

List it out or doodle it down! Putting your goals, dreams and to-do’s down on paper will help make new habits and routines stick.

Let me guide you to the joy and contentment…

First up, I’m giving you permission to:

  • Be more confident and courageous
  • Set scary goals and actually go after them
  • Build relationships that are thriving, not just surviving
  • Create joy EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • Create a stronger sense of identity (you are more than a mom and wife!)
  • Cultivate the confidence and courage you crave

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to:

  • Learn more about your true self and what you really want out of life
  • Implement healthier habits
  • Build better boundaries in your relationships
  • Adopt an abundance mindset around time, money, and energy
  • Tune in and tweak tiny habits to turn your life way UP
  • Make new friends who want to get to know you and support you

Are you ready to rock out life?


This Motivated Ladies Group Is Not For You If:

  •  You are perfectly content with your current life and you don’t want to improve your habits
  •  You are already super confident and self assured and you always know just how to get what you want without the support of others 
  •  You already have a plan to reach all your goals and you don’t any help implementing the plan 
  •  You don’t want to connect with other ladies
  •  You are perfectly happy with all your relationships (in your marriage, with family, at work, with money) 
  •  You don’t believe in taking guilt-free time for yourself for self care and fun