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I’ve always considered myself an athlete. I was definitely never the “star player” type, but someone that was physically better than average at anything I tried to do. So, beginning in the Spring of 2016, when I had hit my heaviest weight ever and felt sluggish in everything, I decided to try BGBYBC with my wife, Angela. I was intimidated by the term bootcamp, but quickly found that the positive, motivating environment was a perfect fit. Allison and Linda are excellent at getting to know their clients, finding what motivates each one, and pushing them to do better every session.

After losing 40 pounds and a newly gained confidence in my abilities, I started running to continue to push myself. I’m confident that the variety of the bootcamp workouts has allowed me to stay healthy through the numerous training and competitive runs (road, trail, OCR) of up to 50+ miles. I consider myself blessed that I was asked to join this team and have the possibility to encourage others the same way that Allison and Linda have me. I enjoy hearing how others have experienced the same rewards and successes that God has given me along this journey.